Did you know that:

The Vangold ecosystem will use the Vince token (VCE) as a
means of payment, including on the freelancer platform.

The team is also working on making the token available on other platforms
through partnerships, the first of which will be
a partnership with
“Shopping.io”, which will allow VCE holders to appreciate platforms
like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Users can also purchase NFTs and
products in Vangold Mart, Online eCommerce stores using the
Vince token.

Vangold Corporation will also use the Vince token for the
payment of workers’ salaries.

This service will enhance and
encourage the adoption of the Vince token in the crypto/DeFi community.



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Vangold Finance

Vangold is a Blockchain company that powers one of the worlds first blockchain based freelancer platform on the binance chain network.