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If you’re a writer and at some point, you’ve felt a slowdown to your writing mainly because of lack of original ideas or simply no inspiration, you’ve probably been attacked by this terrible, undesirable condition called “writer’s block”.

Not only writers are afflicted my this condition.

Generally, most people in the creative space (musicians, writers, YouTube creators, movie directors) whose jobs require an occasional churning out of content, experience a kind of stall where they don’t seem to have any ideas coming forth, and so they are stuck in one place for a long, long time.

There is a good and bad news to this condition.

Let’s take the bad news first.

Bad news is- it can last for so long ranging from days to weeks, to months and maybe years.

Has even gone as far as ending what would have been, beautiful careers of people.

I know, that sucks.

But the good news is- it is temporary.

So far you are always looking for a way out, and do not give in, you’re a step away from a solution.

In today’s blog post, I’ll be revealing how you can conquer this tough situation so you can get back firing on all cylinders.

You see, to offer a solution to anything, you first have to understand what the problem is.

And that’s just what we’ll do here.

We need to get to the root cause of writer’s block.

What causes writer’s block?

A deep research into this subject matter has made me understand that majority of what causes writer’s block is more internal than it’s external.

Let me explain.

The internal causes of writer’s block are things that are within us and are usually in our power to control.

Something within blocks the flow of creativity in writers’ block.

Our interior worlds influence how we access our creativity, therefore overcoming writer’s block requires overcoming whatever psychological hurdles are preventing us from doing so.

A few examples of internal hurdles that cause writer’s block include; self-control, perfectionism, low motivation etc.

Once you can remedy this, your pen will begin to write again. The inspiration will flow.

Now that we have identified the causes, the most reasonable next line of action is to create solutions that would work.

A few creative solutions that I’ve come across to help you sail through tough periods like this are listed below.

1. Go for a walk.
2. Eliminate distractions.
3. Do something to get your blood flowing (hit the gym)
4. Play (video games help)
5. Change environment
6. Read a book
7. Free write
8. Listen to music
9. Spend time with friends.
10. Create a routine.

The thing is- you cannot get out of writer’s block if you just remain idle, waiting for inspiration to visit again.

There’s no problem in taking a break and doing random stuff that keeps you in a good mood.

If you do this, before you know it, you have already gained momentum and can get back to work.

Do not make excuses. Do not wait till you feel inspired. Do not wallow in self-pity. Do not watch TV and the funny one, do not read articles on how to overcome writer’s block. Lol.

Ray Edwards- an expert direct response marketer, whose book I’ve read says he doesn’t actually believe in writer’s block.

He says whenever he lacks inspiration on what to write, he just proceeds to write anything.

He could write the ending first, or the body, or the introduction.

Scribble down anything.

Write in no order, but just write.

We’ve come to the end of todays article, I do really hope you practice all that you have learnt.

Remember, whenever you don’t feel like it, it’s nature doing it’s thing.

Get up find something to do and soon you’ll be back.

See you another time dear friends.

Have a crushing week.



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