Vangold token is one of the worlds first blockchain based freelancer token on the binance chain network, which is fully decentralized and smart contract support.

High commission rates are applied for each job done on international freelancer platforms. In addition, after these commissions are applied, you will have to pay commission when collecting from the bank, but when you do this with crypto, you will only pay network fees. These fees are considerably lower on the Binance smart chain than other networks and faster than most networks.
A variety of other problems can only occur with a centralized global freelancer platforms. For example delay in transactions, but with vangold token, no such problems occur.

Unlike other platforms, vangold is completely decentralized . since it is decentralized, no data is lost or changed. One of the most important features of vangold is that it never demands commission from you. It contains all the technology needed to protect your labor and money,in terms of price ,we have may nft events lunched after pancake swap listing.the token will also be used in many platforms for payment which will create more demand for the token.

Vangold seamlessly integrate with vangold services and other freelancer based websites. It also works with smart contracts on the binance chain network. Vangold does not use any data base. For this reason, your money or effort will not be damaged in any attack.

Who is a customer?
It refers to a person who needs a certain service or product and wants to have it done by someone else. Individuals with a customer role goes to the platform to source different skills that will be useful to them.
Who is a freelancer?
A freelancer is someone who wants to make money with their abilities, regardless of location. Freelancers bid for jobs created on the application. And customers choose the appropriate offer from these.

You must first register your wallet according to the type of account you need in order to use the application. (example freelancer or customer)
If you register your wallet as a freelancer:
First, we recommend that you fill out your profile completely to get easier work. You can then start by listing the active jobs and bidding on a job that suits you. Since vangold works on the binance smart chain network, you must give all your offers in BNB type and you must enter the exact deadline for the job. If you cannot deliver the job by the deadline you wrote, the job is canceled. After bidding, all you have to do is wait for the offer to be accepted. If your offer is accepted, the working process has started. When you have finished the job, you can select the completed job from the completion tab and type the link to the job files and finish the job. When you’re done, the work is now in the customer’s account.
If you register your wallet as a customer:
You must first order a job from the website or application, or create a job post from your profile for the job you want to get done. To create job posting, simply enter the job title, average budget, job category and job details. The more detailed you describe the job, the easier It will be to find the right freelancer. When an offer comes to the post you have created, you can view it from the incoming offers panel. When you approve the offer for a job posting, the work process begins. When the work process is finished, it is now your turn. If you are satisfied with the job, money transfer occurs through smart contracts when you approve the job, if you reject the job by entering a reason for rejection, the case will be relayed to the admin. You can also see the contact information of the freelancer you have agreed with from the offers panel. we do not use any communication or messaging channels on our platform to prevent a breach in our data base or compromise the security of the application. Instead, we prefer to show the freelancers contact information directly.

Vangold token is currently only used within the vangold platform, but we have plans to make it available for other freelancing platforms and generally ecommerce platforms to make use of it. Another is the payment system, we aim to expand the intended use of and usage area of the vangold token and platform. For this reason, we promise that we will do our best, increase our community day by day and keep our team and work constantly updated. We will always strive for the best.

Our goal is to completely remove the worries we experience when purchasing a service or product on freelancer sites for example, the huge charges associated with transactions, Does the portfolio really belong to this freelancer? . Although some platforms may provide brokerage services for you, they receive at least 10% commission and people prefer to take risks rather than spend money on the platform, which means that users do not like to pay money to the platform. This is exactly why our team prefers to use the binance chain infrastructure.

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/A2tOBnMoUMEzN2Vk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vangoldtoken?s=09

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/vangoldtoken?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

GitHub: https://github.com/vangoldtoken

Medium: https://medium.com/@vangoldtoken

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vangoldtoken?r=nametag



Vangold is a Blockchain company that powers one of the worlds first blockchain based freelancer platform on the binance chain network.

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Vangold Finance

Vangold is a Blockchain company that powers one of the worlds first blockchain based freelancer platform on the binance chain network.